"Only connect."


I have not written a blog before and can hardly be said to be writing one now. But I signed in to for the respite of reading other people’s blogs, and it hardly seems fair to make comments and just disappear, not showing myself. So here I am, but for the present I am only interested in reading blogs, while lacking anything to say.

I hear Stevie Smith’s words in my head, “not waving but drowning,” though when they come out of my mouth, they sound like, “not writing but listening.”

I post items of interest on my Facebook Arts/Humanities Website ( – please take a look!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. What a good idea, Elizabeth! Have bookmarked you–you’ve been writing here since 2013? Will be fun catching up.

  2. Elizabeth, there is always a positive reason for us to do anything instinctively (no matter how negative it APPEARS to be) just simply hang in there and do what you feel like doing – even if it is doing nothing. What will be will be. Anyway, I came here because you responded to something I posted on WordPress so I thought I would give you the link to the site of all my writings. Do with it as you deem fit. I wish you the very best.

    • Ian, trying to reply to your comment shortly after you had left it, found that the link to your site wasn’t working. But it’s back now, so I am able to follow your blog, as well, and look forward to reading your posts. Thank you for visiting, and all the best to you, too! — Elizabeth

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